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Jet Sub


3-1/2" Jet Sub
These over-the-hammer jet subs will allow large volumes of air to be bypassed above the hammer.


This reduces operating pressure and allows better hole cleaning for deep, wet, or soft rock applications.


The top ring must be drilled out per the flow chart (see below).


Additional rings are available to drill out for different flow characteristics.


Must be run pin up.




3-1/2" Jet Sub


3-1/2" Jet Sub

Jet Sub 2 7/8 API


2-7/8" Jet Sub

2-3/8" Jet Sub


2-3/8" Jet Sub

Jet Sub w/o Ring
Jet Sub without Ring

Jet sub ring, top

Jet Sub Ring, Top

Jet sub ring, bottom

Jet Sub Ring, Bottom

Blue line

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