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Matex Line of Environmental Products

MatexControl Chemical Corp. manufactures a wide range of environmentally safe drilling fluids and lubricants based on high performance vegetable oil technology.

These products:

  • Meet clean performance standards
  • Reduce re-drills
  • Avoid problems downhole
  • Increase production
  • Reduce drilling costs

These products increase productivity and lower costs by reducing time flushing the hole, bit mudding, recovering stuck or lost rods, collaring the hole, and re-drills caused by hole stuffing.

The use of very clean drilling products, free of petroleum oil, synthetic oil and heavy metals, is a prerequisite for drilling environmental monitoring wells.

Products include drilling polymers, foams, tool lubricants, blast-hole stabilizers, thread compounds, hydraulic oils, antifreeze fluids, wire rope lubricants, etc.


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DD Expand shows how DD Expand stops ground water from entering the bore hole

Foam shows cuttings removal using foam

Foam & Polymer shows cuttings removal from the hole and hole stabilization utilitizing a polymer

Hole Control shows real-life hole control

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